Episode 1: School's Out for Summer

Meet Alex. Her world is her family, friends and professional growth in the Entertainment PR space. As she and her friends officially kick off summer, plans for working on projects together, celebrating Alex's upcoming wedding to DJ and finishing her first year of grad school are top priorities. 

Episode 2: What Adulting Looks Like

What's better then friends with benefits? Not those benefits (although, zero judgement from us). We're talking social media skills, event planning expertise, the ability to calm a crowd with the sound of your voice and graphic designing abilities for the Gods!  

Episode 3: #Goals

With best friends like Sarah Aiken, we could all rule the world! Bachelorette weekend planning (check), event space landed (check), and everyone's newest fashion inspiration (check, check, check). 

Episode 4: The Struggle is Real

Coffee, killer outfit, client visit, 100 emails, champagne, rinse, and repeat is a day in the life. Or, in other words, stage mom + professional babysitter = The PRLife!

Episode 5: Keeping Up with the Jones'

No pressure Alex. You might have the next Dave Chapelle on your hands. In the meantime, panel, Lyme gala, oh, and don't forget your wedding. #NotBusy


Can't wait for the next episode? Don't worry, you won't have to for long. In the meantime, if Alex and her crew have you itching to jump into the PRGirl pool, head over to PR Couture and take their free (you read that right) PRGirl Prep Course right now! 


Alex Moresco


Alex Moresco

Alex Moresco is a Chicago-based entertainment publicist, social media expert, graduate student and Lyme Disease advocate. She first discovered the world of PR through her fashion blog StreetstyleChi, which led her to work with the PR + Digital Strategy team at Nike, where she helped create the Nike Training Club in Chicago. In 2015 she founded A Moresco PR,  a one-of-a-kind public relations and digital strategy agency, and the only agency in Chicago to specialize in video + Snapchat content creation. Alex's client roster includes nationally-known comedian and hypnotist Chris Jones, prior experience includes Fox, Virgin Hotels, Underground and a vast array of television talent.

She is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Public Relations and Advertising and holds a bachelor's degree in Public Relations, Advertising and Applied Communication from DePaul University. She was recently featured as part of The Revolutionaries, a web series distributed through Entrepreneur Magazine highlighting the best ideas, people and campaigns in communication. 

Connect with Alex on Instagram @alitmoresco