Alex Ott

Alex is the Founder and CEO of Chrome City, a communications and strategy firm that specializes in telling the story of the most creative designers, chefs and artists in the country. Alex believes that the greatest challenge in business is learning how to describe who we are, what we do, and most of all, why it matters. She thrives on the challenge of building communication structures and strategies that give brands meaning to their voice. Chrome City was founded in 2014 in an effort to work with clients that have a deep-seated understanding of connectivity and creativity. Chrome City aligns its clients with the communities that strengthen their brand and ultimately share their voice.  

With a background in editorial, advertising, and public affairs (for starters) over the past ten years, Alex's versatile understanding of the industry has given her a strong intuition to lead successful campaigns. Alex has worked within the construction, green energy, hospitality, lifestyle and non profit sectors expertly executing communication strategy, copy-writing, media relations, promotions, expert positioning, and community outreach.

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