Nolita Pore


Nolita Pore is a Digital Marketing Manager that develops and executes strategic campaigns by curating social media influencer generated content to increase brand's return on investment but also to maximize community engagement.

Currently she is managing the online community and social media marketing for Mielle Organics. In this role, for past companies, she has increased community engagement, taken on leadership roles for consumer marketing events and nurtured industry relationships. Although Nolita's position with Mielle is new, she is looking forward to having the same success. 

Nolita possesses in-depth knowledge of how the digital media world operates as a social media marketing professional and as a brand influencer as well. To date, Nolita has collaborated with Namaste, Clinique, Clean Coconut, As I Am, KeraCare, & is an official brand ambassador for Banish Acne Scars.

Her ability to express herself through creative writing helped her to birth her blog, TheMonaLita. Nolita is a marketing maven and her creativity sets her apart from the rest.

Follow Nolita @TheMonaLita 

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